Brand Protection

To enable brand protection solutions, radio frequency identification is a unique and powerful tool that provides authentication, tracking, tracing, and tamper evidence. It makes it easy to deliver total asset protection along the entire supply chain. Moreover, it uniquely identifies a trademark and has the highest security. The tags are small in size and can […]

Apparel Branding

The industry of apparel experiences changes, that make them become more sustainable and take responsibility for its goods throughout the entire supply chain. In its turn, the government demands transparency, traceability, and authenticity. The industry faces such transparency issues as poor working conditions, illegal labor, and arising environmental disasters. Radiofrequency identification keys help companies to […]

Retail Packaging

For more intelligent packaging the NATco enables advanced keys. It also supports digitalization in many businesses. Consequently, through intelligent packaging, the trademarks and products offer additional information about themselves. In retail, businesses use individual packaging to gain more attention and to differentiate their goods from the competitors. There are applications connected to the packages that […]