RFID solutions for the new era of commerce

RFID technology plays an important role in modernizing the retail sector and revolutionizing operational efficiency across the supply chain. It also helps manufacturers to effectively prevent losses and optimize merchandise availability. RFID solutions are becoming the future of the retail and apparel industry, as they bridge the gap towards bigger client satisfaction.

RFID and Digital ID for Everyone

Many sectors adopt such technologies as RFID and Digital ID. Retail and predominantly apparel, widely use these technologies. The latter is entering other areas too, such as beauty and cosmetics, aviation, automobile, and industrial manufacturing, healthcare, production of food, and so on.

By creating a unique digital ID, our company provides detailed information about the product’s entire lifecycle. Moreover, it ensures transparency, accountability and traceability, and genuineness of the brand.

RFID Solutions

This term contains different components. It consists of intelligent labels and tags, software, readers, and antennas. Such services as design, operation, and maintenance are also included. Our company, with its long experience, originated a network of qualified partners to address the most challenging requirements and settings.

Retail Packaging

For more intelligent packaging the NATco enables advanced keys. It also supports digitalization in many businesses. Consequently, through intelligent packaging, the trademarks and products offer additional information about themselves.

Apparel Branding

The industry of apparel experiences changes, that make them become more sustainable and take responsibility for its goods throughout the entire supply chain.
In its turn, the government demands transparency, traceability, and authenticity.

Brand Protection

To enable brand protection solutions, radio frequency identification is a unique and powerful tool that provides authentication, tracking, tracing, and tamper evidence.
It makes it easy to deliver total asset protection along the entire supply chain.

How can NATco revolutionize your business?

NATCO creates packaging, trim, tag, labels that are enabled by radio frequency identification. So, you don’t need to worry about the loss of a single item anywhere within the supply chain. The benefits that you will obtain through our digital identification keys are:


It means that providers, producers, and contractors have to deliver independent licensing that proves the relevance between local and international standards.


To prevent overstock in the stores, initiate wider visibility throughout the supply chain, and support minimalization of the unnecessary waste, our company reveals more efficient and optimized processes.


Without losing quality performance we curtail environmental impact.


When companies are growing, they are using fewer natural resources and reducing forms of pollution.


High-quality standards with guaranteeing globally accepted consistency in design, material usage, color, and data carriage.

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